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Special Recognition for our Patron Members, Benefactor Sponsors,

Featured Band Sponsors and Memorial Gift Contributors.

We thank you for your support of  "HAGS" and "Live" jazz.



Sponsorship Opportunities for Dixieland Jazz and Swing Music Lovers 

In an effort to insure that HAGS can continue to bring you great Dixieland and Swing Music the 4th Sunday of every month (July and August excepted), we are expanding our Sponsorship categories this year. 

For those of you who would consider increasing your financial support of HAGS, you can become a Benefactor for $400, or a Featured Band Sponsor for $600.  These two Sponsorship opportunities offer you the benefits of our Patron program, along with additional benefits outlined below.


Our Membership and Sponsorship categories and benefits are outlined below:

·         Admission charge for Non-Members $10

Sponsorship Level Cost Benefits
 Annual Membership: Single $40 or Couple $55 yr. Monthly program admission charge $5 per person.
Patron Sponsorship: Single $120 or Couple $200 yr. No monthly admission charge and reserved front row seating.
 Benefactor Sponsorship:  $400 per year Patron Benefits (Single or Couple) plus no admission charge for you and 2 guests per month.
Featured Band Sponsorship: $600 per year Benefactor Benefits plus special recognition and a front row table for 10 for you and your complimentary guests at your band’s sponsored performance.

Memorial Gifts 

Any $ Amount 

For those that have passed and loved this music, consider this to help preserve the music they loved. Gifts of any $ amount accepted.

Those interested or with any questions about sponsoring a Featured Band should contact Steve Starace (561) 394-0269 or see Marcie Reid at our next HAGS session, for a listing of coming Featured Bands and dates available for sponsorship. 

Please consider increasing your financial support!  With your help, we can insure that this music and our 4th Sunday of every month’s HAGS sessions survive for generations to come. 

HAGS “Hot Jazz & Alligator Gumbo Society, Inc.” is a 501 C(3) Corporation


Patron Members:

Jerry & Jill Pascoe 1996-2015   Marcie Reid 1997-2015
Phyllis Scantlebury 1998-2015   Violet Van Iderstine 1998-2015
June Harvey 2000-2015   Marc Kent 2000-2015
Don Mann 2000-2015   Lorraine Bragin 2000-2015
Evelyn Morris 2001-2015   Jean Virgilio 2001-2015
Ed Weber 2002-2015   Bob & Coralie Frame 2003-2015
Will Jeffries 2005-2015   Ruddy Day 2004-2015
Pat DiMaggio 2007-2015   Ann Warjonen 2005-2015
Dick Gibbs 2010-2015   Ray & Susie Williams 2010-2015
Mari Bell 2011-2015   Barbara Nye 2011-2015
Bernice Schwenke 2013-2015   Myron & Janet White 2012-2015
Brad Keller & Ellen DeRogatis 2013-2015   Bill & Bernice Printz 2012-2015
James Forte 2013-2015   Dennis Doyle & Barbara Galbraith 2013-2015
Bob & Diane Barton 2014-2015   Klaus & Heidi Kobelentz 2014-2015
Ralph  Graper 2015   Kathleen Colleran 2015
Michael & Eva Ann Sica 2015   Fred Cronin (Piano) & Julia Cilenti 2015
Ron and Larry Baldwin 2016   Richard Rose 2017

Benefactor Sponsors:

Denis Doyle & Barbara Galbraith 2013-2014-2015
Will Jeffries 2013-2014-2015


Featured Band Sponsors:

Ray & Susie Williams 2013-2014-2015
Will Jeffries (5) 2013-2014-2015


Memorial Gifts:

Sally Johnson - In memory of Helen Dillon & Joani Allen

Coralie Frame - In memory of Jerry Pascoe

Ellen Graper   -  In memory of Ralph Graper






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